EXTRA'S ......

These are other items affecting the total price of your new swimming pool.  Some items may be required to due area surcharge or access while others offer additional features to your requirements.  Please review the following  for area charges & additional items required or of interest for your new swimming pool project.  Add area charge and any other desired items for the total cost of your Waterworld Industries Inc swimming pool installation. See area charges below:


Popular items to consider for your new pool package.....................

A. Pool Length over 30 ft $600.00 per ft                                                   
    example: 40 long pool will be an additional $6000.00 to the $25900
    10 ft times $600 = $6000.00 added to the $25900. base

B  Wider Pool over 15 ft $600.00 per ft                                                    
    example: 17 wide pool will be an additional $1200.00 to the 25900.

C.  Add Heater & Gasline to Swimming Pool Only Package   $3500
D.  Salt Purification System for Maintenance Free Pools  $1600.00

E.  Auto Color Changing Pool or Spa Lite  price each lite  $600.

F.   Make it Remote........complete with in house panel........$2500.00 

G.   Increase Spa Size to 8'               $1000

H.  Separate Pump for waterfall or waterfeature    $1295

I.  Raise Pool Area 6"     $30 per ft
    Raise Pool Area 12"   $60 per ft
    Raise Pool Area  18"  $90 per ft
    Raise Pool Area  24"  $120 per ft
    above pricing is for raised bond beam of pool, it is the part of the pool which is above the waterline. these prices include standard tile facing to these raised areas. 

J. Set of 2 water cascades/sheer descents, each unit up to 24" wide......$1200

K.  Single water cascade/sheer descent unit up to 36" wide.....  $700

L. Interior Finish Upgrade
    to Pebble Tec                     $4500
    to Pebble Sheen                 $5000
    to Gray Plaster                      $800
    to  3M                                   $1600            


Pool Pricing Is based on standard access for excavation, which requires a minimum of 8 clear width and should be the access way to the shallow area of the swimming pool.   Sometimes you have a double gate to the yard which means access is not a problem.  Other times, a gate and section of wall may need to be removed to gain access to the yard.  Replacement of any wall or gate removed for access will need to be done prior to plastering of the swimming pool.

The following charges will apply for access less than 8':
$1000    Access less than 8' but minimum of 7'
$1500  Access less than 7' but minimum of 6'
$2500  Access less than 6' but minimum of 5'
$3500  Minimum access 4'10"
$4500  Minimum access 3'10"

Haul Away Grass/Shrubs/Other Debris at $400 per truck
Normal grass removal for pool area requires 2 truckloads....add $800

Decks, Drains & Other Masonry
For concrete work around pool or patio we provide our decking crew and they work directly with you which saves alot of money for you. You can also work with your own concrete company if desired.  We provide the swimming pool and all necessary components, you add the amount of concrete desired for decks, walkways, patios, etc. and you save by working directly with the concrete contractor.

Certain areas incur additional charges for the construction of your new pool.  These costs are due to various reasons such as higher permit costs for your city,  travel time for dirt dumping and other factors.      Please ask  about additional charges which may affect you:

Southern California swimming pool contractors and spas installation in and for Orange County,Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Backyard design service and pool construction by professional swimming pool builders. Whether lagoon pools, play or in ground pools we are the specialists. California swimming pool contractors  for pool spa design and construction.
Custom inground swimming pools at competitive prices.

         Quality and Speed Is Our Specialty,
We FINISH most of our pools in 31 working days
               from completion of excavation!

For any other pricing questions, site condition questions, etc.  please contact us by submitting the request form or calling our office at (951)-371-5586

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Quality and Speed Is Our Specialty,  We FINISH most of our pools in 31 working days from completion of excavation!   

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