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Automatic Pool Cleaner
The Spectrum Amerlite (SAM) is the world's first underwater light that changes color at the flip of a switch. Unlike ordinary pool lights, SAM features unique electronic circuitry that allows you to control the color of the light emitted by its twin quartz halogen bulbs. Delivering a nearly limitless spectrum of mesmerizing color, SAM can bathe your pool in a custom color you select to suit your mood, or slowly roll through the entire spectrum in a luminous underwater display.

Imagine transforming your pool into a unique and breathtaking aquatic environment right before your eyes. And for pools with more than one light, multiple SAM lights synchronize with one another to provide uniformly spectacular color from one end of the pool to the other
Salt Generator For Swimming Pool
AquaRite purifies your pool or spa naturally. For the first time, a pool or spa can be pure pleasure with AquaRite. Nothing purifies more naturally; your water will be so safe and pure you can practically drink it.

AquaRite and ordinary salt create and blend naturally produced chlorine - the most trusted and effective pool sanitizer available.


Jandy Aqualink RS Controls

Aqualink computer control pool and spa systems feature an indoor control system that can be hard wired or wireless. The Aqualink will turn the valves from pool to spa and activate your heater at the touch of a button. No more hunting around in the dark to turn the valves and set the heater.  Pool Lights can also be turned on or off at the touch of a button.

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