California Pool Contractor
                      "Why Do We Build The Best Pool"

Below Are The Engineering Secrets That Make Us
The Finest Quality Pool Builder in All of Southern California

Here's Just A Few Reasons
(For Specialty Pools That Require Engineering Due to Slopes, Unstable Ground or Freestanding Design).

We Use 4000 PSI Gunite
Pool shell is more resistant to hydraulic pressures and structural stress factors - Increases the structural
integrity if the Pool Shell, especially during ground movement and earthquakes. Code: Not Required

Our Pool Is Tied at 6" on Center "OC"
Increases structural integrity of the pool shell, minimizing the possibility of pool shell cracking, separating and leaking water. Code: Not Required

Engineering Pool or Caissons
Keeps the pool anchored in the ground reducing the possibility of the pool sliding down a slope, popping out of the ground or setting out of level. Code: Not Required
Solid Steel Cage Around Skimmer
Completely eliminate the possibility of the skimmer moving, separating from the pool and leaking out water -saving thousands of dollars in damage and repair bills. Code: 3# Bars of steel
We Waterproof Gunite Under The Tile Brown Coat
Eliminates the possibility of the water leaking out of the pool due to cracks in tile brown coat. Code: Not Required
We Waterproof Gunite on Raised Bond Beams
Eliminates water in raised planters from leaking into the pool through the tile grout joints, which eliminates the ugly looking white calcium buildup on the tiles and grout joints. Code: Not Required
We Use Acrylic Admix In Our Thinset
This bonds the tile to the pool much better, doubling the years your tile bond to the pool. Code: Not Required
We Use Acrylic And Anti Hydrate Admix in Tile Grout
Increases the bond, extra water proof protection, reduces grout cracking, grout stays cleaner and is also easier to clean if necessary. Code: Not Required
All Light Niches, Return Lines And Spa Jets Are Waterproofed Prior to Plaster
Reduces the possibility of water leaking out of the pool or spa. Makes for nicer cleaner installation of hardware. Code: Not Required
All Pool Plumbing Is Coated with Primer Prior To Glueing
Primer completely cleans and softens the glue fittings for stronger adhesions. Reducing the possibility of Plumbing Leaks. Code: Not Required
We Pressure Test Our Plumbing To 50 PSI
This Additional Pressure insures that all glue fittings are completely glued and connected. This gives your plumbing added protections that it will not come apart even under extreme conditions. Code: 35 PSI

Southern California swimming pool contractors and spas installation in and for Orange County,Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Backyard design service and pool construction by professional swimming pool builders. Whether lagoon pools, play or in ground pools we are the specialists. California swimming pool contractors  for pool spa design and construction. Custom inground swimming pools at competitive prices.

         Quality and Speed Is Our Specialty,
We FINISH most of our pools in 31 working days
               from completion of excavation!

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